Welcome to the Heart of Texas Hash House Harriers

If you would like to hare a trail, here are a few of our suggestions and reminders:

The Fool moon trails are on the Friday closest to the Full Moon and hash time is 7:30pm, Hash Cash is $5
As the hare it is your show, beverages, flour, chalk, toilet paper, circle beverages and munchies but you get all the cash so don't go crazy!

Since you have probably already hared somewhere else, make sure you let the rest of us know your hash marks and guidelines at Chalk Talk

The HOT Fool In Charge, will run your circle unless they are out of action, then it will be up to you to keep order and remember songs!

should you want to lay a trail, email this guy chee, what an idiot!

so remember,

but wait, you already know this or you found some sucker to help you hare the trail, keep them in the county please!

Now Act like Dorothy