Hey RA

Thanks for stepping up to lead circle

Your job is to entertain and punish, train, and enlighten (oh yeah), you also get to name noobs

You will need to entertain the pak not only in the circle but during the time delay when we send the hare away.

For Live trails:

We call it Sexercise

Here you call for a circle, get everyone around and lead them with one or more of the rousing pregame songs.

Unless you know some good pregame songs, here are a couple of examples (most of which you can find in our hymnal)

At the completion of sexercise, you release the pak to trail


Once the pak is all in or the GM kicks you in the ass, you now lead us in Hash Religion

Once the has has been out of control a couple times, you can then lead the circle in the International Hash Hymn and then close the circle.


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