Greetings Beer Meister

Your’s is the second most important job of the Hash, you bring the circle beer and munchies.

Unless notified by the GM, we will be using canned beer for the circle.

You are responsible for bringing circle beer, and munchies, only, anything above and beyond is on you and will not be reimbursed unless agreed by the GM.

Just because you have a favorite beer and snack food, doesn’t mean that everyone else will enjoy the same things.

Please ensure that you bring a nice variety of canned beer, in a cooler, to trail. Depending on the season and temperatures, two or three cases should suffice. (The GM will inform you should there be a change), a couple bottles (little ones) of wine (unless informed to bring BAG-O), Seltzer or Cider (if the GM tells you too).

The Munchies, (no one likes to drink on an empty stomach….what-ever!) 

Please keep receipts, you get reimbursed from these!

Special occasions:

The GM will inform you of any special events where you might have to increase your beer supply or look at a keg.  The kennel has available equipment for keg operations.



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