Greetings Hill Country On-Sec

You have taken on quite a responsibility and we Thank you for it!

For the On-line Dooties:

You will have access to the attendance files on this drive, these files are labeled “HCH3 XXXX”

Where XXXX is the year of operation, ie..2021.

Open this file and you will see:

Hash names and other trail data along the left side of the screen

Trail dates and Numbers along the top

Both of these views have been frozen to assist with data tracking, anything to help!

The master roster on the website will automatically update once you enter the data into the year file.

As an example:

Davey Crochit attended trail # 2020 on date October 12, 2021

So, scroll, ip or down, until you find Davey’s name in the left column

Then, scroll right until you find the date and trail number,

Place a ‘1’ into the field

Go on to your next entry, the file updates automatically

Should you have a new boot, visitor, or other oddity, please get with the GM or the Geek-Sec to update the files correctly!


Circle Dooties:

Aside from trying to not get too drunk, you will be taking notes

We would like to know who our FRB, FBI, Play of the Day, and DFL were so that we can punish them once again at the next trail.

We would also like to know anything special we should be paying attention too, analversaries, birfdays, bar mitsfas, fistings, etc.

Then there are the namings,

What should be happening, the RA or whoever is running circle, has already started the process, you will need to write down the suggestions so that they can be reviewed and voted upon.

This gives us a record for future management to laugh at should they ever want to cook the books.


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