Welcome to the Hump Day Hash

We meet up every Wednesday Evening @ 7pm 
Humpin Hash www.us.army.mil
Want to Hare a trail?           
1st rule: All trails are BYO
2nd rule: The Hare will leave no earlier than 7:15pm and gets ten (10) minutes

3rd rule: all trails are at night so bring flashlights and whistles
4th rule: four marks are ON
5th rule: only four (4) symbols per trail (mark, check, arrow, & BN)
6th rule: only one hare per trail
7th rule: snare the hare and it's YOUR trail
8th rule: circle will go on as long as it has to
9th rule: if a hasher yells 'stop', passes out, or gets drunk, sharpie them
10th rule: if this is your first trail at a hash, you're a virgin, you have to DRINK