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Welcome Songmeisters!

We started this hash hymnal in 2000 as an HTML version (or blatant rip-off) of Flying Booger's Half-Mind Hymnal. We started adding hash songs that we heard in the circle, around the hash fire, etc, and that conglomeration of songs is what you are looking at now.

PLEASE feel free to link this site to your hashing page! If there are songs or additional verses that you'd like to add, look for Davey Crotchit on trail.

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Down-Down Songs
Alphabetical Listing

.079 (Seven Nine)
A Few of My Favorite Things
A Few of My Favorite Things
A is for A
A is for Arsehole
A Mouthful of Singha
A Prayer
A, You're a Big Bimbo
A, You've Got Asshole Stains
Aahlaweta (harriettes' version)
Act Sederunt of the Session
Addicted to the Hashnet
Agana HHH Chant
Alcoholics' Anthem
Ali Boogie
All My Jism
All the Nice Girls
All Things Dull and Ugly
Aloha HHH Anthem
Amazing Grace
Ancient Hash Song
And so this is Hashmas
Angeles City Hashional Anthem
Arseholes are Cheap Today (two versions)
As I Was Walking Through the Wood (Old One-Hundredth)
Away from You
Aussie Serenade
Austin Hash Song
Autohash Song
Baby Seal Song
Autohashers (Flintstone Version)
Bad King Hashmas
Bagpipe Song
Balham Vicar
Ball Game
Ball of Ballyknure (abbreviated version)
Ball of Ballyknure (long version)
Ball of Yarn
Ballad of Big Ass Lil and Yukon Pete
Ballad of Eskimo Nell
Ballad of the Bobbitt Hillbillies
Balls of O'Leary
Balls to Mister Banglestein
Banana Boat to Afghanistan
Banana Song
Band Played On
Barnacle Bill
The Barney Song (aka I Screw You)
Bastard King of England
Be My Guest
Beat It
Beer Run
Beery Bunch
Bengali One So Long
Bestiality's Best (two versions)
Big Bamboo
Big Jess
Bike Week
Birthday Songs
Bitch, a Dog
Blessing of "G"
Blessing of the Hares
Blew by You
Blinded by Shit
Boatie HHH Hymn
Bomb Factory
Boom, Oooh, Yakatata
Born Dead
Bright Eyes
Bright Mistress
Bring Him Home
British Soldier (aka Suzie Wong)
Bruces' Philosophers Song
Button Factory
By the Light
Bye Bye Blackbird
Bye, Bye Cherry
Cactus In My Y-Fronts
Can You Walk a Little Way?
Can't Hash Today
Cats on the Rooftops
Caviar Song
Cemetary Sue
Chandler's Shop
Chapped Hide
Chim Chiminey
Chipmunks Redeux
Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire
Chisholm Trail
Christmas Carol
Christopher and Alice
Christopher Columbo (two versions)
Christopher Robin
Clean Song
Clancy Lowered the Boom
Clint Meets the Gay Caballero
Clinton's Queen Berets
Cock Robin
Cold Winter's Evening
Colostomy's Best
Come and Sit On My Face If You Love Me
Comin' Thro' the Rye
Copenhagen Full Moon Howlers Anthem
Copenhagen HHH Anthem Country Sunday School
Cow Kicked Nelly
Creak Goes the Muscle Oh
Crock of Shit
Cucumber Song
Daisy, Daisy
Davy Cockhead
Daylight Come
Dead Dog Rover
Dead Whore
Deck the Halls
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Dickey Louse
Did You Ever See?
Dildos are a Girl's Best Friend
Do Ye Ken John Peel?
Do You Fuck on First Dates?
Do Your Balls Hang Low?
Do Your Tits Hang Low?
Does a Hasher
Does Your Bum Hang Low?
Doggies' Meeting
Don't Cry Lady
Don't Say No
Don't that Bastard Get any Bigger?
Dough, Ray, Me
Down Down Down Your Beer
Drink it Down
Drunken Hasher
Drunken Sailor
Duck Ditty
Dumb Shit
Dying Harlot
Eddie the Horny Reindeer
El Camino
Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers
End of the World
Engineer's Dream aka The Engineer Song
English Country Garden
Fanny Boy
Farewell Song
Farter from Sparta
Farting Contest
Father Abraham
Father Damien
Fellatio Navidad
Fifty Ways to Fuck Your Mother
Final Down-Down
Fireman's Song
Follow the Band
Fondle Me With Care
Fort Eustis HHH Anthem
Founders' Blitz
Friar of Great Renown
Ft Eustis Down-Down Songs
Fuck a Duck
Fuck the Giant Penis
Fuckin' Hell She's Ugly
Furburger King
Gang Bang
Gay Caballero
Gender Bender Song
Get Fucked
Get it Up, Get it In
Girl from Baltimore (aka Singapore)
Give a Little Whistle
Give it a Blow
Give Me a Clone
Give Me that Good Old Vino
Give Me that Old Time Religion
Glorious, Victorious (Beer, Beer, Beer)
God Bless My Underpants
God Bless the E.P.H. (El Paso Hash)
Good King Bateson
Good Ship Venus
Got it up, Got it in . . .
Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer
Great Big Wheel
Green Grow the Rashes O
Gunga's Song
Hallelujah Chorus
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
Hand Solo Song
Handsome Hasher
Hanky Panky
Happy Wank Song
Hark! The Hashing Horn
Hark the Rock Hard Angels Sing
Harlot of Jerusalem
Harriette the Tattooed Hasher
Harriettes, They Play One
Harvest of Love
Has Anybody Seen J. C.?
Has Anybody Seen My Cock? (aka Rhode Island Red)
Has Anybody Seen R J
Hash Benediction
Hash House Harriers
Hash Pledge of Allegiance
Hash Rules
Hasher is Smarter
Hasher Men (and Women)
Hasher's Lament
Hasher's Prayer
Hash House Harrier Mountain
Hashin' Brew
Hashin' in New Orleans
Hashin' USA
Have an Erection
Have Another Please
He Wanks his Crank
Head Chant
Headed Out to Orlando
Hedgehog Song
Heigh-Ho Says Rowley
Heineken, Schmeineken
Hello Penis
Her Left Tit
Her Vagina
Her Vagina (has a First Name)
Here's the Season
Here's to _______ (Basic Down-Down Song)
Here's to Brother Hasher(s)
Here's to the Stud (s)
Herpes Family
Herpes Song
He's a Blow-Up Doll
He's a Born Again Pisstank
He's a Cunt
He's a Hasher, He's Okay
He's Got the Clap Again
He's the Meanest (two versions)
Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to the Burlesque Show
Hi, My Name is Lee
His Nuts
His One-Skin
History of Beer
Hitler, He Only Had One Ball
Hog Calling Time in Nebraska
Hole in the Elephant's Bottom
Holiday Song
Hong Kong Prayer
Hot Vagina Redeux
Hot Vagina
How Ashamed I Was
How to Handle a Date
I Am a Hasher, How 'Bout You?
I Can't Help It If You Came In DFL
I Caught Three Hares
I Don't Wanna Hear a Song
I Don't Want to Join the Army
I Don't Want to Join the Convent
I Like Cock
I Like Cunt
I Love My Wife
I Love to Have a Beer With ________
I Need a Sheep
I Put My Hand (Ya Ho)
I Put My Lips
I Saw Her Leaning There
I Saw Three Dots
I Screw You (aka The Barney Song)
I Want a Beer
I Want to Play Piano
I Will Survive - 2 Versions
I Wish I Was in England
Ice the Bitch
If I Had a Hard-On
If I Were the Marrying Kind
If You're A Drunkard
I'll Never Piss Again
I'll Take the Left Leg
I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas
I'm in Love With the Girl Next Door
I'm Your Mailman
In an English Country Garden
Inbred Man
Incest is Best
Incest Time in Texas
Incontinence is the Shits
Inside those Red Plush Breeches
International Hash Hymn
Irian Jaya
Isn't it Awfully Nice to Have a Penis?
Isn't it Great to Have a Clitoris?
It's a Small Dick
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Syphilis
It's the Same the Whole World Over
Ivan Skavinsky Scavar
I've Got a Start on a Twelve-Inch Hard-On
I've Got the Clap Again
I've Only Half a Brain
Jesus Saves
Jingle Balls Redeux
Jingle Balls
Jocelyn Elders
John Brown's Penis
Juicy Ooo-La-La
Jungle Smell
Junior Birdmen
Keep on Hashing
Keyhole Song
King of the Nerds
Kiss My Hash House Harrier's Anthem
La Cock
Lady Hardonna
Large Balls
Last Hash Run
Leaver's Song
Legend of Chernobyl Sam
Lehigh Valley
Leprosy (followed by Syphilis)
Let it Glow
Let Me Ball You Sweetheart
Let's Have a Party
Let's Screw
Life Presents a Dismal Picture
Like a Geezer who has Sinned
Little Hummer Girl
Lion-Hunt Song
Lion-Hunt Song (variation)
Little Bit Off the Top
Little Brown Mouse
Little Gomez
Little Penis
Little Red Train
Lloyd George
Lobster Song
Loneliest Hare
Long and Thin
Lotsa Fucking
Love Me Tender
Lumberjack Song
Macdonald's Farm
Madeline Schmidt
Maggy May
Magic City H3 Hash Song
Man Poem
Man Trap
Marriage a la Mode
Mary Ann Mccarthy
Mary Anne Burns
Masturbation (Fornication)
Masturbation Song - 5 Versions
Mayor of Bayswater's Daughter
Meet the Hashers
Men of the H, H, 3
Merry Hashmas
Miss Lee's Hoochie
Mister Blue Balls
Monk of Great Renown
Monster Hash
Mooning in the Sun
Moose Song (four versions)
More Beer
Morgan's Pies
Mother Hash
Mount Bonnell
Mount Vernon HHH Road Song
Mr. Gangbang
Mrs. McVitie
Mrs. Puggy-Wuggy
Municipal Sewerageman
Music Man
My Big Banana (two versions)
My DNA (aka) Young Girl
My Father
My Girlfriend's a Bit of a Beast
My Girl's a Vegetable
My God How the Money Rolls In
My Grandfather's Cock
My Hat It Has Three Edges
My Little Pink Panties
My Mother-In-Law
My Name is Jack (Necrophilia Song)
My Sister Lily
My Sombrero
Naming Ceremony
Nancy Brown
Necrophilia's Best
Nellie 'Awkins
Nellie Darling
Next Thanksgiving
Night of the Full Moon
Nine Daze of Christmas
No Balls at All
No Blow Song
None is Bigger Than Mine
North Atlantic Squadron
Now I'm 64
Ode to a Hasher
Ode to Commode for the Flounder
Oh Everclear
Oh Kennedy
Oh Penis Head
Old Bazaar in Cairo
Old Brown Cow
Old Irish State
Old King Cole
Old Pacific Sea
On Top of Old Sophie
Once a Bloody Hashman
Once Upon My Jeans
One Evening in October
One On the Table
One Twat
One-Eyed Riley
One-Eyed Trouser Snake
Only Real Men Run the Southside
Or Would You Rather be a ____?
Oral Sex
Ou Est Le Papier?
Our GM
Our Lager
Out of Towner
Ovaltine Song
Over the River and Through the Woods
Ozzy the Red Nosed Hasher
Patriotic Song
Peg O'My Heart
People in Pink Tutus
Pikes Peak Hashers
Piss Off, Ya Wank
Pissanya, Pissanya
Plastic Jesus - 3 Versions
Please Do Not Tread on My Balls
PO My Old Friend
Poofters (Flinstone's Version)
Politically Correct Santa
Poor Lil
Poor Little Angeline
Portions of a Female
Pregnancy (and Variations)
Proud to be a Hasher
Pub With No Beer
Pubic Hairs!
Pussy Cat Song
Put Your Left Leg Over My Shoulder
Put Your Legs Round My Shoulders (Harriers)
Put Your Legs Round My Shoulders (Harriettes)
Put Your Thighs on My Shoulders
Rajah of Astrakhan
Rap it Up
Real Story of Gilligan's Island
Red Flag
Redneck Mother
Restroom Door Said "Gentlemen"
Richmond HHH Song
Ring the Bell Verger
Road to Gundagai
Roedean School
Roll Me over in the Clover
Roll Your Leg Over
Rubber Dickie
Rubber Dildo
Rudolph the Red Knobbed Reindeer
Rule Britannia
Russian Submarine
Rusty Car
Rye Whiskey
S & M Man
Sally in the Alley
Salvation Army Song
Sammy Small
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Santa Claus is Cuming on You
Santa Limericks
Satanic Bells
Scotsman's Kilt
Seamstress' Song
Secret Anus Man
Seven Nervous Days
Seven Old Ladies
Sex is Boring
Sexiatus Mania
Sexual Life of the Camel
Shanghai HHH Song
She Ain't Gonna Fuck No More
She Had Big Mountains . . .
She'll be Puffin' Like a Steam Train When She Cums
She's a Most Immoral Lady
Shiner Beer
Shit List
Shitty Beer
Short Cutter
Short Cutter's Rhapsody
Short Hymn
Short Song
Silent Night
Singha Cock
Singing In the Rain
Sinking of the Titanic (two versions)
Sit on My Face (two versions)
Sit on My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me
Sixteen Miles
Skippy the Squirrel
Sluts from Lutz
Sod 'Em All
Sodomy, Masturbate
Soldier Song
Sole Song
Some Die of Drinking Water
Someone's in the Kitchen With Dinah
Song of the Bandar Seri Begawan Hashers
Song to Cuming Mutha
Sound of Hashers
Spam Skit
Spanish Guitar
Spiders in My Hair
Squannacook River Runners Anthem
Square Dance
Story of the Boston Hashers
Street of the Thousand Assholes
Subic Hashional Anthem
Sunstroke, Syphilis, Varicose Veins
Super Hasher
Sweet Antoinette
Sweet Violets (two versions)
Swilligan's Island
Tale of Young Freddie Bloor
Ted Kennedy
Teddy Bears' Picnic
Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator
Ten Sticks of Dynamite
Thank God I'm a Hashing Girl
Thank God I'm a Pubic Hair
Thank God She Finally Shut Up
Thank God They Brought Some Beer
That Good Ol' Hashin' Brew
The Beer That I Drink at the Hash
The Dildo Song
The Divorce Game
The Tinker
Those Were The Days
The Traveler
The Triangle
There is a Hash in New Orleans
There is a House in Nittany Valley
There was a Little Bird
There Was an Old Farmer
These Foolish Things
They Ought to be Publicly Pissed On
They're Moving Father's Grave
This is Your Down-Down Song
This Old Man
Three Blind Jellyfishes
Three Chinese Crackers
Three German Officers
Three Visiting Hashers
Today is Monday
Tokyo Hash Song
Tonight We March Against England
Tra Ra Ra Boom Der E
Trojans are a Girl's Best Friend
'Twas the December Full Moon
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Twelve Days of Christmas # 1
Twelve Days of Christmas # 2
Twelve Days of Interhash
Twelve Days of Ramadan
Twelve Redneck Days of Christmas
Twinkie, Twinkie, Little Hasher
Two Hashers (Harriettes)
Two Shits of Verona
Under The Covers With Sharon Stone
Uneasy Hasher
Vanessa Picklegin
Vegetables Are the Best
Vicar In the Dockside Church
Virgin Serenade
Virgin Sturgeon
Visitor's Song
Walkin' Round in Womens' Underwear
Walking Down Canal Street
Wanky Doodle
Wanky's Beers
Warriers Had a Meeting
Was it You (That did the Pushin'?)
Waves and Waves
We Go Hashing
We Three Kings
We Three Queens
We Wish You Would Fix the Budget
Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding Song
Wedding Song
Wee Wee Song
We Love to Hash
We're Here Because . . .
We've Got Virgins
Were You Lonesome Tonight?
Wet Spot's Wail
What a Wank
When I Was a Little Girl
When Lady Jane Became a Tart
When the End of the Month Rolls Around
Where Were You Last Week?
While the Kiwis Shagged
While Wading Through Shiggy
Whining Poem
Whips and Chains
White Hashmas
White House HHH Anthem
Who Is In the Kitchen With Ah Hin?
Who Needs Sex?
Why Are We Waiting?
Why Was He Born so Beautiful?
Why was She Born a Bitch?
Wild Hasher
Wild West Show
Will You Marry Me?
Winnipeg Whore
Winter Wonderland
Wiregrass HHH Down-Down Song
Wonder Where I Am
Woodpecker Song
World According to Student Bloopers
Would You Like . . . ?
Ya Ho (I Put My Hand)
Yank My Noodle
Yankee Doodle - 2 Versions
Yass, Yass, Yass
Yellow is the Color
Yellow Ryder Truck
Yes to Booty
Yogi Bear Song
You ain't Nothin' But a Hasher
You are My Hashit
You are Our ______
You Take the Legs Off Betty Grable
You Won't Find Any Country (two versions)
Young Girl (aka) My DNA
You're An Asshole
Your Hand was Made to Stroke My Gland
Yu Wee Flung Lu Wee
Zicky-Zacky (expanded version)
ZiPpy the Red-Nosed Hasher
Zulu Warrior